University & Business
High Value Engagements and Collaborations:  
1 + 1 Can Equal 3

The GoldGroup, LLC works side by side with university, business and government clients and stakeholders to develop the vision, strategy and tactics to accelerate realization of their knowledge-to-marketplace and other goals.  We have successfully teamed with university and business organizations to vision and implement high-value centers of excellence, institutes and collaborations.

The GoldGroup, LLC works with universities to create a richer educational experience and increase revenue through monetization and partnerships.  We bring together cutting-edge knowledge, resources, and partners to meet today’s challenges and further the public good, as defined by our clients. 

TheGoldGroup, LLC has a demonstrated record of success working with presidents, provosts, governing boards, faculty, administrators, students, business leaders, communities and governments to advance and develop initiatives, people and organizations. 

TheGoldGroup, LLC assists in university-to-university engagements through projects ranging from establishing joint degrees, to articulation agreements, to assessing the effectiveness of existing programs and initiatives.

We produce value.
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