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Creating An Arizona Aerospace Institute
This report was produced by TheGoldGroup, LLC, under contract with Arizona State University, to provide an independent assessment of the interest, need and viability for creating an Arizona Aerospace Institute. The report was funded by Science Foundation Arizona. Peter Gold, Esq., report author and principal member of TheGoldGroup, LLC, engaged with more than 70 potential stakeholders from industry, government, academia and other sectors to determine enthusiasm for the concept, as well as to help inform the report’s outline of a possible operational focus and organizational framework for the Institute.

Institute for Vehicular Business and
Supply Chain Management

College of Business Administration
The University of Toledo

An initiative lead by Anand  S. Kunnathur and Mark Vonderembse, with James A. Pope, Ram Rachamadugu and The IOTM Dept., College of Business Administration and Peter A. Gold of TheGoldGroup, LLC.

The Report of the Governor's Task Force on Higher Education
TheGoldGroup, LLC was privileged to contribute to this report, specifically in the areas of
public-private partnerships and the roles of universities.

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TheGoldGroup, LLC is a member of SSTI,
 a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving government-industry programs that encourage economic growth through the application of science & technology.  As the most comprehensive resource available for those involved in technology-based economic development, SSTI offers the services that are needed to help build tech-based economies.

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In conjunction with its clients in the rotorcraft and vertical flight aviation sector, TheGoldGroup, LLC joined the AHS-International, The Vertical Flight Society, a global technical and professional organization for the advancement of vertical flight.