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TheGoldGroup, LLC 
assists educational organizations, business and governments with obtaining their goals and objectives, principally through deploying a robust inventory of national and international resources, leveraging the strength of clients' assets and identifying clear paths for them to realize their goals.  We work with our clients to leverage their knowledge, people and facilities to create new and focused partnerships that:


  • Advance the directives and visions of university, business and government leaders
  • Assess existing initiatives for effectiveness and goal rationalization
  • Accelerate knowledge to marketplace and other revenue production initiatives
  • Identify and articulate high value goals, visions and objectives
  • Obtain “buy-in” of goals and objectives
  • Advance international and global initiatives
  • Deploy initiatives centered on entrepreneurial activities
  • Create and enhance internal and external relationships, partnerships and collaborations
  • Expand knowledge of national and local economics as well as workforce development organizations
  • Access political and governmental processes
  • Create the infrastructures, talent and platforms to engage major donors



TheGoldGroup, LLC also assists university and college leadership to:

  • Assess operational units and schools
  • Design and negotiate articulation agreements between educational institutions
  • Determine whether educational organizations and NGO groups are structured to meet emerging challenges
  • Seize new opportunities while reducing exposure to the risks created by today's economy