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Wall Street Journal Small Business and Jobs Commentary

For those of you who might have missed it, today's Wall Street Journal

(Page R1) reports some important numbers which we believe confirm that

decision makers in every sector (business [ big and small], government,

higher education, not-for profits) should consider even greater support of

the economic engine referred to as "small business". The numbers are

attributed by the WSJ to "Accelerating Job Creation in America: The Promise

of High Impact Companies", Corporate Research board, LLC for the SBA" and

include the following:


-       "Just 6.3% of companies in the U.S.-almost all small firms-created

all net jobs between 1994 and 2008";

-       "These firms created 10.7 million jobs in very four-year period

studied from 1994-2008";

-       "As a whole, they also delivered more productivity than other

companies, as measured by revenue per employee";


Just some developments we see through our lens at TheGoldGroup, LLC are: 

a) governments at all levels focusing on "targeted" business incubation and

support of entrepreneurs; b) big business starting internal "incubators" to

commercialize/ monetize research and development investment; c) universities

and colleges are looking to step up their coupling of resources with

business and government to support small and large business growth--to

produce a stream of revenue and educational opportunities.


Question: is there a role ( additional roles) for your organization in these


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